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Meeting Schedule

President’s Thoughts

Up-coming Activities and Events


Uncle Sam Needs You!

Tri-Star Baseball

Football Crazr

OI Junior Golf Qualifier

Optimists After Five (OA5)

Junior Optimists

Board Briefings

Getting to Know You – Terry Fitzsimmons

Past Events

Meat Raffle

Optimist Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Golf Outing

Post Prom

Fishing Derby

Popcorn Wagon at Memorial Fest

Students of the Month

Optimist Meeting Photos

Impact For Life

Oratorical Contest Winner


WASA Buck Basketball Champs

This Month in Club History

How to Publish Optimist News


—- Meeting Schedule —-

All meetings are at 7:15 am at the Community Center except as noted.

Wed. June 5: Coach Tony Pritchard and the Boy’s Golf Team will talk about their season and experiences at the State Tournament. We’ll also hear from several Scholarship Award Winners who couldn’t make last week’s meeting due to a conflict with their Healthcare Academy Senior Showcase presentation.

Wed. June 12:  PLEASE NOTE: Site meeting in the Village Board room at the Municipal Building. The meeting is about our club’s potential involvement in the Village Park Renovation Project. This has the makings of a real Q&A type meeting!

Wed. June 19: Several members of the Greater Metro Conference Co-Champion MFHS Baseball Team and Head Coach Pat Hansen will talk about their season. At the time this Newsletter was published, they were headed to the sectionals and were two wins away from going to state!

Thur., June 20: Site meeting in the Village Board room at the Municipal Building. For anyone who was not able to make it to the morning meeting on June 12. The meeting is about our club’s potential involvement in the Village Park Renovation Project.

Wed. June 26: Since this is the last regular meeting before the parade, this meeting is annually devoted to the July 3rd Parade Committee. The i’s will be dotted, t’s crossed and they’ll tie up any loose ends to make this parade as safe and organized as possible


—- President’s Thoughts June 2019—-

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought this was an appropriate quote as the school year comes to a close and we honor all students. Thank you to our speakers committee for inviting a variety of students, teachers and administrators to our meetings this past school year. It is valuable for all of us to hear their stories of involvement and dedication.

A reminder: If you are interested in being a participant in the Leadership Menomonee Falls program beginning in August, I will need your application by June 12.

We have some exciting meetings coming up in June with Menomonee Falls Village Manager, Mark Fitzgerald. Please join us on Wednesday, June 12 at 7:15 a.m. or Thursday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. to learn about a potential partnership with the Village and the village park development project. Both meetings will be held at the Village Board Room. This is your opportunity to learn about the project and to ask any questions.

Many thanks to all and enjoy the month of June and the opening of our popcorn wagon!

– President Jeanine


— Upcoming Activities and Events —

Fri. June 14: OI Junior Golf Qualifier

Tue. June 18: OA5 meeting at Alumni Club. (If this changes, it will be noted in Jeanine’s weekly email.)

Sat. June 22: Tri-Star Baseball – volunteers needed.

Wed. July 3: Parade. Many volunteers will be needed!

Wed. Aug. 28: Club Picnic


Uncle Sam needs You!

http://leskindergarten.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/4/1/12410873/6032557_orig.pngIt is parade volunteer sign up time. Be the first to register to get the area you enjoy the most. The parade is the evening of July 3. If you have volunteered in the past and want the same job in the same area, please let me know. Invite friends and family to join you. This is always a fun event for all. Here are the parade volunteer opportunities: Making cotton candy, parade line up, parade marshal, selling cotton candy and popcorn, and Bucket Brigade. Many members have already volunteered to help this year and I really appreciate that. It takes over 100 people to make this parade the great event that it is.

Please contact me via email, annfreudenthal@gmail.com or phone 414-881-6804.

– Ann Freudenthal


Tri-Star Baseball


2019 Tri-Star Baseball Skills Contest – Volunteers needed on Saturday, June 22 from 10:30-5:00 (three shifts, 10:30-12:30, 12:30-2:30 and 2:30-5:00). We are partnering with MFLL for the first-time ever. The event will be held at the Little League Complex on Mill Road on Diamond 3 of their clover leaf fields. We will be right smack-dab in the middle of an entire day of little league baseball, so it should be a great time. Concessions will be available twenty feet away as well as many, many baseball games and other activities during MFLL’s mid-year celebration. If you love kids and baseball, please volunteer.

Thanks, Chair Don Eisenhauer

(P.S. Tremendous gratitude to Jerry Mislang for many years of prior chair service on this event).


Football Crazr

https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.AIxnpSEALrs5PzdDmJ6MAQHaHm&pid=Api&P=0&w=300&h=300 http://diysolarpanelsv.com/images/bottle-drive-clip-art-31.png Hard to believe but the football season is just around the corner and our annual fund raiser; The Swis District’s Crazr Football Sweepstakes is ready to go.  You can pick-up tickets to buy or sell at any of our weekly meeting or contacting Co-chairs Larry Hebbring and Jan Barbera.  The Club has 660 tickets to sell from May to August and will only sell with the cooperation of the club members.  These tickets will sell and should bring in around $9,000.00 if all are sold.  Tickets are again $20.00 each.  Stubs must be returned to Co-chairs, filled out completely/correctly and accompanied with the $20.00.

During the 17 weeks of the football season the Sweepstakes pays out $1000.00 each week.  You get 4 teams each week, the cards are automatically counted to see if your 4 teams have won for the week. If you win your check comes in the mail, but you can follow on line also.  The highest accumulative score each week of 4 teams is $500.00, 2nd $150.00, 3rd $100.00, 4th $60.00, 5th $50.00, 6th $35.00, 7th $30.00, 8th $25.00, Lowest $25.00, 2nd lowest $15.00 and 3rd lowest $10.00.

Great for gifts!!

– Larry Hebbring


OI Junior Golf Qualifier

https://classroomclipart.com/images/gallery/Clipart/Sports/Golf_Clipart/playing-golf-clipart-6212.jpg The SWIS District OI Junior Golf qualifier is scheduled for Friday, June 14, 2019 at Brown Deer Golf course in Milwaukee, WI. This event is open to boys and girls ages 10-18. Entry fee is $75 per person. If a golfer shoots a qualifying score and we have a spot available in the OI Golf event, they can advance on to play in the Optimist International tournament in July in Florida. Many kids from our previous events have traveled down to Florida to participate in this event. Please pass this information on to any people you know who may be interested in it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

– Todd Paulus, Event Co-Chair


—- Optimists After 5 (OA5) —–

OA5 met this month to review successes and opportunities of the April Bag tournament.  They also planned a calendar for the rest of 2019 meetings!

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18 at the Alumni Club.

– Shannon Dederich


Image result for junior optimist international—– Junior Optimists —-

The Junior Optimist Club held its elections last month and are excited to welcome our new board members!

Co-President: Jack Lynch (grade 12)
Co-President: Charlie Pietz (grade 12)
Secretary: Morgan Becker (grade 10)
Treasurer: Robyn George (grade 12)
Communications: Maddy Nemec (grade 12)
Executive Board Member: Cameryn Steder (grade 12)

We held our installation banquet last week and are excited to begin planning for next year over the summer! We wish our graduating senior members the best of luck as they advance onto their next chapter!

– Ali Leon


—– Board Briefings – May 21, 2019 —–

Executive Board MINUTES: May 21, 2019 Meeting Location – Community Center – 7:00 am

Members of the 2018/2019 Board of Directors Present: President: Jeanine Dederich; VP: Todd Paulus; Treasurer: Marcia Hebbring; Dave Curran, Steve Fleming, Kathryn Hoff, Barb Schmit

Members Excused: 2nd VP Rick Kohl, Ann Freudenthal, Joanne Wanner, Past President Lynette Shepherd, Past Presidents Council Don Eisenhauer

  1. Call to order and Welcome meeting called to order at 7:02 a.m.
  2. Approval of Agenda added two committee budgets – Tri star Baseball and Parade; M. Hebbring moved to approve revised agenda, second by S. Fleming, all approve
  3. Review and Approval of Minutes from 4/16/19 and 5/9/19 Meetings
    S. Fleming moved to approve, second by M. Hebbring, all approve
  4. Guests Introductions – Deb Mattson, Valley View/Riverside
  5. Donation Requests –
    Valley View / Riverside – motion by T. Paulus to approve $1000 for supplies for students in need, no second; motion to approve $500 to be disbursed in August for supplies for children in need by K. Hoff, second by S. Fleming , all approve
    Waukesha County Sheriff’s Assoc. – no motion
  6. Committee Reports and Budget
    TriStar Baseball: S. Fleming moved to approve $300 budget, second by M. Hebbring, all approve
    July 3 parade: T. Paulus moved to approve $2000 expenditure, second by M. Hebbring, all approve
  7. Review and Approval of Treasurer’s Report T. Paulus moved to approve, second by D. Curran, all approve
  8. Unfinished Business – Informational Items
    Park project – June 12, 20 meetings: June newsletter
  9. New Business / Discussion
    New member approval – Terra Chmielewski, Dottie Schilling; M. Hebbring moved to approve, second by B. Schmidt, all approve
    LMF applicant – none received yet
  10. Next Meeting Date: June 18, 2019
  11. Anything else for the good of the club M. Hebbring let all know that Bob Wenzel was charged facility fee by SDMF for TriStar Basketball; waiting for follow up on this as we typically do not pay (ongoing partnership with SDMF); T. Paulus will follow up with Brian Heimark
  12. Adjournment M. Hebbring moved to adjourn at 8:00 a.m., second by K. Hoff, all approve

– Jeanine Dederich


Getting to Know You – Terry Fitzsimmons

C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\pic of me and kids 2001.jpg I was given the name Terry James Fitzsimmons at birth although all MF school system records until this day state that my first name is Terrence. I was born in Pigsville (Miller Valley), Wi. in 1952. My parents moved in 1954 and raised a brood that ultimately became a family of eight on the far southeast side of Menomonee Falls. I graduated from MF East High School in 1970 and was part of the first graduating class of that school. I excelled at very little in school but loved woodworking and list Mr. Dean Christianson as my favorite teacher in my yearbook.

I purchased the homestead property in 1976 from my parents, quit drinking in 1982 after a number of poor choices and mishaps, married Lynette Bolin of Red Granite in 1983, raised 2 boys and now… poof… I have four grandchildren. The boy’s involvement with sports introduced me to the Little League, Panthers football, Falcons baseball, Booster Club and eventually The Optimist Club. After divorcing in 1998 and with a desire to spend more quality time with my boys I became community involved as a coach and mentor and joined different committee positions in the assorted organizations I belonged to. I continue today as the official score keeper and bench mom/dad for high school baseball games as well as give catching lessons to age eight through high schoolers who want to improve their skills. I am also treasurer of the MF Lakers adult baseball team.

I began my business career as a newspaper man at the age of eleven, delivering the Menomonee Falls Advertiser to sixty homes by bicycle and selling subscriptions to the Menomonee Falls News door to door. I was thrusted onto the golf scene two years later as a caddie at Tripoli first and later North Hills country clubs. At sixteen I started a neighborhood industrial cleaning service. Upon graduation from high school I began a forty-five plus year career within the dental industry from packaging expert, dental equipment sales, multiple management positions and ultimately ending with a partnership in Holt Dental Supply co. with past optimist and my sponsor Don Derivan (who never wanted to take credit for me so my good friend John Seymour presented me my Optimist pin October 1998). I retired in 2016 after the sale of our business.

I am proud to be a product of the Village of Menomonee Falls and will do what I can to help the next group of young people. I was extremely lucky with the number that was picked for me my draft year but I haven’t forgotten the sacrifices others had to make with their careers, families and in some cases their lives. As I do the math each of them gave a minimum of 17,500 hours of military service. Not bad math for a guy that flunked algebra senior year!

……Even if I did one hundred hours of service each year, I’d have to do one hundred and seventy five years to even come close to the sacrifices each of them made for me!

Sincerely and humbly submitted:
Terry J Fitzsimmons

PS sorry for the poor use of pros but I never was touched by Swami’s “school of journalism” classes while in high school.


—- Past Events —-

 Meat Raffle


Well fellow Optimists, we did it!!!!  We had our first MEAT RAFFLE Fund Raiser and to say it was a success was an understatement.  In less than a month we put it together and in 3 hours we raised $2700.00 earmarked for our July 3rd Independence Parade.  Larry and Marcia Hebbring would like to thank our committee of Greg Mattson, Dawn Mariscal, Steve Fleming, and Shannon Dederich for joining us on our crazy adventure.  We would also like to thank Jan Barbera, Chris O’Reilly,  and our Friends of Optimists, Jimmy Dieter, Cassie Howard, and Burton Brody of Players Pub and the Kohl’s Cares volunteers for helping us on that special day.  We had sooooo much fun so stay tuned….there will be more in our future.  To all of our Optimist family,  if you have an idea of having fun and raising some money for our kids in Menomonee Falls, bring it to the table…. lets hear it.

– Marcia Hebbring


Optimist Scholarship Recipients

http://images.clipartpanda.com/scholarship-clipart-Scholarships.png The Menomonee Falls Scholarship and Education Foundation held it’s Community Scholarship Award evening on May 22, 2019.  The class of 2019 received over $400,000 from our generous community, and the Optimists were proud to be among the giving.  We recognized ten truly talented students with $1500 each to attend a four year college.  The total of $15,000 we give is a direct result of the hard work and efforts of the Optimist Scholarship Golf Outing.  Thank you Todd Paulus and the golf committee!  We also have a $1000 scholarship set aside for a Quest graduate which I will present at the May 30 graduation.

A huge thank you to my committee for the hours spent reading the 25 applications, and your unwavering support of the program.  Thanks to Barb Schmit, Faith VanderHorst, Chad Deluka, Lenny Kimmel and Steve Fleming.

2019 Recipients:  Kailee Doherty, Monica Repinski, Rohitha Punathil, Rebecca Perez, Isabella Volk, Josephine Calvey, Hannah Klug, Megan Schmeling, Victoria Rosene, Brynn Wosniak

C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Jon Cline\DSC_1590.jpg

Photo by Jon Cline

At our May 29, 2019 six of the ten Optimist Scholarship winners were introduced. (L to R) Josie Calvey, Megan Schmeling, Isabella Volk, Rebecca Perez, Victoria Rosene, and Kailee Doherty.


– Cathy Hazzard




Scholarship Golf Outing

Another year is in the books and do we know how to pick Wednesdays in May. We were treated to a sunny Wednesday afternoon with temperatures in the low 70’s for 92 golfers and many volunteers. Thanks goes out to Mike Lehman and his Ironwood staff for helping to make our event a great success. We shifted gears on him that morning and moved the pre and post event portion from the clubhouse to the Party barn. That shift went off without a hitch.

– Photos by Don Gorzek and Jon Cline

A special thanks to Sal Zizzo and Trysting Place Pub for his donation of lunch before the event as well as supplying food for after the event. Sal also surprised us with 2 boat rides during the auction that brought in another $600. Sal’s donation equals 1 ½ scholarships that we give out. If you see him, please thank him for this donation.

Many thanks to the golfers that came out and played and to those that donated items for our event. All your support helps make this an amazing event. Thanks also goes out to the volunteers that day: Marcia Hebbring, Dawn Mariscal, Steve Fleming, Joy Fricke, Kathy Matthiessen, Carol Schulteis, Kristy Gruenwald, and Jen Dederick. A thank’s also goes out to our club President Jeanine Dederick who made an appearance that morning to help welcome golfers. The outing could not go out without someone stocking the infamous Beverage cart that roams the course, and that thanks goes to Matt Hakes and VFI for stocking it with special surprises. Two more thank you’s go out to our photographers that surprised me that day and showed up without me asking – Don Gorzek and Jon Cline. We cannot wait to see those pictures. A huge thank you goes out to Jerry Mislang who helps me every year during the post event portion of the day as we give away the prizes and do the voice auction. He helps record all the bidder’s names and their amounts for me so we can keep the auction rolling along. My final thank you goes out to my wonderful committee that helps make this happen: Greg Mattson, Tom Ciskoski, Joy Fricke, Carol Schulteis, John Yusko, and Larry Barbera. Although I get to talk about the event before and after, it truly is a team effort to make this happen. Final profit amounts were not available at this time as we are still awaiting a few checks. Once received, I will get it to Jeanine to share in her weekly newsletter to the club.

The event winners were teams captained by Mike Yanke (-15), Terry Marcou (-11), and Tina Polk (-1). Mark your calendars for the third Wednesday in May of 2020 – our 30th annual event. Thanks again.

– Todd Paulus


Post Prom 2019 is History!

https://s.yimg.com/fz/api/res/1.2/wC_Bd9RN118oxHU6p1RFiQ--~C/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2g9MTMzMTtxPTgwO3c9MjAwMA--/https:/s.yimg.com/bj/9495/9495ca3fa0881e68e7ebf28f0da092b2.jpg In what’s becoming the rule instead of the exception, we had another outstanding turnout! 261 out of 268 (97%) of the students made the trip and had a fun, memorable and most importantly, safe late night / early morning Post Prom at Action Territory in Kenosha.

It takes a good team to pull this off though. A sincere thanks to chaperones Larry Hebbring, Fred Blanke, Laura Ciletti, Cathy Sharkey, Kirsten Sperl, Kathy Matthiessen, Rick Kohl, Steve Fleming, Kim Wenzel and her husband Chris Dietz. As MFHS Principal Bob Vitale said, you have to be a little crazy to volunteer for this event.

Our Club donated approximately $550 in gift cards by matching gifts cards from Village Bowl, DeMarinis, Cousins Subs, Wittlins Service Station, Shelley’s Hallmark and Su Casa. Our $8.00 pledge per student was supplemented with cash donations from CPA’s Jeff and Bob Steliga, Schmidt and Bartelt Funeral Home (Terry Marcou), North Middle School PTO and Hanson Soft Water Inc. (Tina Polk),. Please patronize and thank these sponsors whenever possible, they’re all great partners for many of our events.

Thanks again to everyone involved who has made this night something that our club can be proud of year after year. Sincerely,

– Jerry Mislang


Fishing Derby

Despite the near-by construction and lack of adjacent parking, the weather did cooperate and 184 boys and girls ages three to 16 participated in the event. With parents, grandparents and friends of the participants the crowd was estimated at approximately 400 individuals.

Photos by Don Gorzek

The event is truly a community event with the Village of Menomonee Falls supplying the permits for the event and money for stocking Mill Pond with fish; the Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Watch operating the concession stand; The Menomonee Falls Police Department supplying security and the public address system; the Wisconsin DNR and a local fish hatchery stocking trout, bluegills and bass in the pond and the Optimist Club of Menomonee Falls running the event for the 22nd consecutive year.

You supplied funding to stock the pond with fish for the event and approved our requests for Special Event and Park Reservation permits. Because this was a catch and release contest all fish caught were returned to the pond.

– Sue Carney

C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Don\810_4990v2-5x7.jpgPopcorn Wagon

Our newly refurbished Popcorn Wagon made its debut at the Memorial Falls Fest event on May 25, 2019. Working one of the early shifts making popcorn were Debbie Kimmel and Joy Fricke. The wagon is open every evening from 6:30 to 9:00. Stop in for some delicious popcorn. .

Photo by Don Gorzek


C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Don\810_4970v2-5x7.jpg

Students of the Month

The Optimist Club “Students of the Month for May 2019 “ include (l to r) from North Middle School Benjamin Nelson seventh grader and Isabella Harthun eighth grader (front), and Nate Clayton an eighth grader from St. Mary Parish School and Kailee Doherty a senior at MFHS. MHFS Junior Padoer Xiong and Senior Davis Corazzari were not pictured.




Optimist Meetings

C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Jon Cline\DSC_8994.jpgMAY 1ST: IMPACT FOR LIFE

At the May 1 meeting. Meg Hanley, Felicia Perkins-Peterson and several MFHS students thanked us for our donation and reported on their experiences for the Impact 4 Life Program. The School District of Menomonee Falls in partnership with the Village of Menomonee Falls Police and Fire Departments, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, and other community agencies presented, Impact 4 Life, a fatal, mock car accident involving MFHS students who were “impaired” from alcohol and distracted by cell phone use while driving.  An assembly/funeral was held to reinforce the dangerous consequences of drinking and distracted driving. The assembly featured many guest speakers including students, parents, Waukesha County Sheriff, and a man who lost his mother to a drunk driver.

C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Jon Cline\DSC_8997.jpg As part of the program, student directors Davis Corazzari, Kailee Doherty and Pader Xiong produced an emotionally-charged video that was shown at an assembly,  This phenomenal video sends a strong message and took months of hard work to create.  Davis, Kailee and Pader stayed up all night to edit the video and are extremely talented students. Their work will make an Impact 4 Life.

View the video of the program at the following link. https://vimeo.com/331242485

Photos by Jon Cline




C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Jon Cline\DSC_8986.jpg

Photo by Jon Cline

Nathan Mystrow, the Oratorical Contest winner presented his speech at our May 1 meeting.




C:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Don\810_4715v2-5x7.jpg

Photo by Don Gorzek

Mrs. Ali Leon introduced the officers of the Junior Optimist Club at our May 8, 2019 meeting. The officers include from left, Monica Kepinski, Kaylee Ebner, Kelly Maloney, Ally Diestelhorst, and Hannah Klug.



MAY 8TH: WASA BUCK 2019 NATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSC:\Users\Schmit\Documents\Barb\Optimist\Newsletters\June 2019 articles\Photos from Don\810_4707v2-5x7.jpg

Photo by Don Gorzek

A second presentation at our May 8, 2019 included the WASA Buck 2019 National Basketball Champions. Melissa Oberst, WASA Board President, introduced head coach Jordan Wilkens and star player Moira Paulus.





June THANK YOU’S (excerpts)

Submitted by Jerry Mislang

Bob Vitale – MFHS Principal – “Thank you for your generosity, both financial and manpower…that made Junior Prom 2019 a Huge Success.”

https://www.askideas.com/media/08/Thank-You-Colorful-Clipart.jpgKristen Tan – North Memorial Team – “…thank you for your continued support of the Memorial Day Program. Your donation supports our recognition of Veterans in our community as we honor their commitment to our country. Your gift is sincerely appreciated.”

Nathan Mystrow – Oratorical Contest – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my winning speech in front of your group….the biggest group I’ve presented in front of so far. Thanks for the money as well, I’ll use it wisely.”



https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.lxN0iE3C_1LkAo5Y6y8Z3wAAAA&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300—- This Month in Club History —

June 20, 1995 (24 years ago) – Because of the club’s financial condition, the annual donation to the Safety Town has been reduced to $100 from the requested $150.

– Submitted by Jerry Mislang from the 40 Year History Program – courtesy of Ed Schlumpf



—- How to Publish Optimist News –—-

There are multiple venues for publishing Optimist news and events the community and to the Optimist members. It is important to get the word out so everyone is aware of the events we sponsor to benefit the youth of the community. Committee chairs are responsible for writing the articles and sending them via email to the people listed below:

NEWSLETTER  Jerry Mislang no later than the 25th of each month – jerry.mislang@prodigy.net

NEWSPAPERS Kim Wenzel three or more weeks prior to your event, as quickly as possible after an event – kfwenzel87@gmail.com

FACEBOOK  Cathy Sharkey, Dawn Mariscal or Lynette Shepherd – csharkey224@yahoo.comdmariscal@wi.rr.comllshep4ma@gmail.com

WEBSITE  Beth Saunders –  bethjsaunders@gmail.com

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