Scholarship Golf Outing

Event details

  • Wednesday | May 17, 2023
  • 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Ironwood Golf Course W270 N6166 Moraine Dr. Sussex WI 53089
  • 262-502-1332

The 32nd Annual Scholarship Golf Outing is in the books and it is one to remember.  First off, we had a record number of golfers and sold out for the first time ever!  We initially had 39 foursomes playing 18 holes and 1 foursome playing 9 holes.  I actually had to turn a group away.  In the last few days, we lost 3 foursomes, so we still ended up with record number of golfers – 148.

The golfers make this event a success so thank you to all that golfed that day.  Although the weather was not the greatest, the Optimist spirit won out.  The rain ceased just as golfers hit the course and the weather improved as the day went on.  Although not ideal, the golfers and volunteers did not let it hinder them.  As with any event, it is only as good as the committee that plans it, & we really found that out this year.  Between the committee members and the volunteers, we were able to pull off the event after I tested positive for Covid the day before.  Although I wanted to be there, I realized it was best for me to stay away for the safety of all people involved.  After realizing on Tuesday I had to reach out and pass things off to my committee members, when I made a call out to them, they all stepped forward.

The 32nd Annual Scholarship Golf Outing netted a profit for our club of $14,271.97.

A big thank you to John Yusko for taking the lead for me for the day.  A shout out to Greg Mattson as well for helping John out at the event.  From what I heard all committee members (Tom Ciskoski, Scott Drier, Joy Fricke, & Carol Schulteis making up the remaining committee members) all stepped up to help that day.  A big thank you not only for that day but also for all the meetings and pre-work to the event to make it happen.

A big thank you to the volunteers that help us pull the day off.  Without the volunteers, it would be tough to host the event as efficiently as we do.  These volunteers include Marcia Hebbring, Shannon Dederich, Kathy Matthiesen, Larry Podolske, Laura Ciletti, Stevie MistleWildt, Larry Hebbring, and Kristy Gruenwald.  Another shout out to Jerry Mislang for being the voice of our voice auction.  He stepped in this year for Ed Schlumpf, as Ed recovered at home from his knee surgery.  And a final thanks to Matt Hakes and VFI for sponsoring and supplying the drink cart with many goodies to keep the golfers well lubricated during the day.  I think the drivers, Carol Schulteis and Kristy Gruenwald enjoy this job a lot.  I know the golfers look forward to their cart rolling up to them.

A thank you needs to be extended to Mike Lehman and the staff at Ironwood Golf Course for hosting the event.  When I called Mike on Tuesday to tell him I would not be there, he assured me they would help take care of things on Wednesday, and from what I hear, they did.  A final thank you goes out to Joe and Elllen Hennes for donating the boxed lunches and supplying the heavy hors d’oeurves after golf.  If I overlooked anyone that helped that day, I apologize.

Mark your calendars for May 17, 2023 for the 33rd Annual Scholarship Golf Outing.




photos of 31st Annual Scholarship Golf Outing held May 19, 2021 by Jon Cline


Scholarship Golf Outing Chair: Todd Paulus

Scholarship Golf Outing Co-chair: Terry Frisk