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The Club has taken 210 Football Crazr raffle tickets to sell for the SWIS District and our Club. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets or helping to sell the 210 tickets for the club please contact Larry Hebbring. Last year we sold 300 tickets and raised over $1,600.00 for the club and people who bought our tickets were awarded over $1,000.00. It is a fun way to watch the 18-week football season and an easy sell at $20.00 per ticket. Contact Larry at 414-899-5807 or larryh@starpromo.net


The $20.00 ticket follows the 17 weeks of the NFL football season and each ticket holder has a chance to win as much as $500.00 each week. In each week, the ticket owner gets 4 teams, chosen at random. If the teams’ point totals are the highest for the week or the lowest for the week, the ticket owner receives a cash prize. Ticket buyers can go to www.swisdistrict.org/resources to check weekly winners. If they are a winner a check will be sent out to them promptly. To make sure a winner gets their check, stubs need to be handed in, completely filled out, legible and in black ink.

Last year we had over 30 winners totaling over $3500.00 for club sold tickets. It is a great way to follow the season and all you have to do is buy/sell a $20.00 ticket. The $20.00 and the ticket stub must come back to us (The Optimist Club). The stub must be filled out completely and legibly, if not, we won’t be able to send their check if they win. All winnings will be sent to the ticket holder without any need for the ticket holder to interact.

All prizes are listed on each ticket. This goes on for 17 weeks with $1,000.00 given out each week and $17,000.00 given out for the year. The biggest winners are the scholarships we give out each year from the monies earned from our fund raisers.

Payouts every week:

  • Highest $500.00
  • 2nd $150.00
  • 3rd $100.00
  • 4th $60.00
  • 5th $50.00
  • 6th $35.00
  • 7th  $30.00
  • 8th  $25.00
  • Lowest $25.00
  • 2nd lowest  $15.00
  • 3rd lowest $10.00.

Each ticket is also sold with Fund Crazr Discount Code.  This code automatically enters the ticket buyer into the Football Crazr Sweepstakes and entitles the buyer to deep discounts in the Crazr Saver Store, using the discount code found on the front of the ticket.

Ticket buyers can go to www.swisdistrict.org/resources to check weekly winners.  If they are a winner a check will be set sent out to them promptly. To make sure a winner gets their check, stubs need to be handed in, completely filled out, legible and in black ink. All 1000 tickets need to accounted for.


Football Crazr Sweepstakes Chair: Larry Hebbring


Thursday, August 1
Tuesday, October 1
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