Packer Raffle

Event details

  • Tuesday | July 21, 2020 to Wednesday | September 2, 2020
  • All Day
  • 262-538-4024

As some of you already may have heard, the 24th Annual Packer Raffle has been replaced, and renamed, this year by an all-cash Green and Gold Raffle due to the uncertainty of the upcoming NFL season and its rules.  What has not changed is our club’s commitment to nearly $90,000 in yearly spending to support the youth of this community.  The Packer Raffle and now this year’s cash raffle FUNDS MORE THAN A QUARTER of that commitment.  It remains our biggest fundraiser of the year.


2nd PRIZE = $2000

3rd PRIZE = $1000

4th PRIZE = $750

5th PRIZE = $500

6th – 17th PRIZES = $250

18th PRIZE = FREE Entry into 2021 Raffle

Sales are limited to 350 tickets. Ticket sales run from through Wednesday, Sept. 2, with the drawing being held on Monday, Sept. 14, 7:30pm at DJ’s Goalpost and viewable on YouTube thru Menomonee Falls Cable Access TV.



Packer Raffle Chair: Ed Schlumpf

Packer Raffle Co-chairs: Del Kreuser, Dan Schwind, Joe Ludan