NFL Crazr Raffle

Event details

  • Saturday | June 1, 2019 to Wednesday | August 14, 2019
  • All Day

All the monies have been distributed for this year’s Football Crazr Raffle 2018 and here’s a short overview of the fund raiser.  We started with 1000 tickets and sold 653.  We can sell more, but our club received a check for $8,358.40 from Swis District for selling the 653 tickets.  We had a total of $1706.25 won by our ticket buyers with the additional $668.50 won by Lannon, Sussex, Lisbon and Butler club (Carl Trapp) for a total $2374.75 won in our area.  This information should help you sell next year.

Here’s a week by week with winners and sellers:

Week    Winner                              Seller                                 $                           Place

3            Mike Newman                 Tim Newman                   25.00                   lowest

4            Rick/Beth Schepp            Joanne Warner               70.00                   T3rd

4            Kelly Fitzsimons               Terry Fitzsimons             70.00                   T3rd

4            Jean Christian                  Jean Christian                  30.00                   7th

4            Joe Reiter                         Joe Reiter                         5.00                     T8th

5            Fay Bernardo                   Bill Haise                           60.00                   4th

5            Jolene Halback                Jerry Mislang                   10.00                  3rd last

5            Mike Lee                           Larry Barbera                  6.25                     T8th

9            Jerry Brown                     JJ                                        150.00                 2nd

10          Terry Frisk                        Terry Frisk                        80.00                   T3rd

10          Nilsa Gebert                    Kirsten Sperl                    32.50                   T6th

11          Sharon Blank                   Kirsten Sperl                    25.00                   lowest

12          Julian Herrera                  Lisa Winkler                     500.00                 1st

12          Mike Menzel                    Dan Knodl                        100.00                 3rd

13          Codie Barbera                 Larry Barbera                  5.00                     3rd lowest

14          John Hebbring                 Larry Hebbring                5.00                     8th

15          Christine Clinszinski       Kirsten Sperl                    325.00                 T1st

15          Ashley Kerslake               Donna Bosch                   35.00                   6th

16          Kim Wenzel                      Kim Wenzel                      32.50                   T6th

17          Jake Sommer                   Larry Hebbring                70.00                   T3rd

17          Jim Dyrhaug                     JJ                                        70.00                   T3rd


Thank you all for your help in selling tickets.

New members, After 5 Optimist and existing members interested in being on the Football Crazr committee, please contact Larry Hebbring.  We can sell more!

The $20.00 ticket follows the 17 weeks of the NFL football season and each ticket holder has a chance to win as much as $500.00 each week. Last year we had over 30 winners totaling over $3500.00 for club sold tickets. It is a great way to follow the season and all you have to do is buy/sell a $20.00 ticket. The $20.00 and the ticket stub must come back to us (The Optimist Club). The stub must be filled out completely and legibly, if not, we won’t be able to send their check if they win. All winnings will be sent to the ticket holder without any need for the ticket holder to interact.

All prizes are listed on each ticket. This goes on for 17 weeks with $1,000.00 given out each week and $17,000.00 given out for the year. The biggest winners are the scholarships we give out each year from the monies earned from our fund raisers.

Payouts every week:

  • Highest $500.00
  • 2nd $150.00
  • 3rd $100.00
  • 4th $60.00
  • 5th $50.00
  • 6th $35.00
  • 7th  $30.00
  • 8th  $25.00
  • Lowest $25.00
  • 2nd lowest  $15.00
  • 3rd lowest $10.00.

Each ticket is also sold with Fund Crazr Discount Code.  This code automatically enters the ticket buyer into the Football Crazr Sweepstakes and entitles the buyer to deep discounts in the Crazr Saver Store, using the discount code found on the front of the ticket.

Ticket buyers can go to to check weekly winners.  If they are a winner a check will be set sent out to them promptly. To make sure a winner gets their check, stubs need to be handed in, completely filled out, legible and in black ink. All 1000 tickets need to accounted for.


NFL Raffle Co-chairs: Larry Hebbring and Marcia Hebbring