• Jun2023

    (left to right): Elise Warnock (North Middle School), Ella Weyker (MFHS),  Amy Kohlmetz (St. Mary’s) and Alexander Housey (North Middle School). Not pictured: Jessica Platais (MFHS)

  • May2023

    (left to right): Cole Bugiel (MFHS), Aidan Bonner (St. Mary’s), Ella Schilke (MFHS), Dylan Savage (MFHS), Aamya McNair (MFHS)

  • Apr2023

    (left to right): Andrew Noll, Denys Zydyrko, Mukundan Duraisamy, Isabella Barkimer and Ben Nelson ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Mar2023

    (left to right): Jakayla Lyon from North Middle School, Blake Schmitt from St. Mary Parish School, Mariah Hardwick from North Middle School, Kaeley Niemiec  and Brady Poetzel from Menomonee Falls High School. ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Feb2023

    (left to right): Joanna Graziano and Reagan Hill from North Middle School, Lucas Otterstorm from St Mary Parish School, Olivia Schendel and Keara McMahon from the Menomonee Falls High School ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Jan2023

    (left to right): Madison Dake and Lucas Wieckowicz from Menomonee Falls High School, Edwin Abili-Ebije and Poppy Jones from North Middle School  and Sarah Fischer from St. Mary Parish School ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Dec2022

    (left to right): Claire Holke from St. Mary Parish School, Ella Milagan, Morgan Veil and Olivia Weissenborn from North Middle School, and Kaitlyn Grant and Jacob Minkel from Menomonee Falls High School ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Nov2022

    (left to right): Shaun McFerrin (MFHS), Kierstin Jagodinski (MFHS), Jonah Weyker (St. Mary), Aniya Womack (NMS), and Kylee Schellhaas (NMS) ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Oct2022

    (left to right) Sada Siebert (Menomonee Falls High School), Abigail Rollmann (North Middle School), and Eli Zimmer (North Middle School) ~photo by Jon Cline

  • Jun2022

    (left to right) Attreya Attili and Keeley Lindert from North Middle School; Abby Baker and Evan Redding from Menomonee Falls High School and Noah Kunz and Alexander Rogowski from St. Mary’s Parish School.