• Jun2022

    (left to right) Attreya Attili and Keeley Lindert from North Middle School; Abby Baker and Evan Redding from Menomonee Falls High School and Noah Kunz and Alexander Rogowski from St. Mary’s Parish School.

  • Apr2022

    (left to right) Brooklyn Nygaard (St. Mary’s Parish School), Riann Coles (North Middle School), Jonathan Kniech (Menomonee Falls High School), Shiven Gupta (North Middle School). Lauren Marzinski – MFHS – not pictured ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Mar2022

    February 2022 Students of the Month were introduced at our February 16th meeting. (left to right) Adysen Pennings (St. Mary’s Parish School), Cooper Kujawa and Ayanna Peoples (North Middle School), Christina Anderson and Brayden Rosenow (Menomonee Falls High School). ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Feb2022

    We recognized our January 2022 Students of the Month at our January 12th meeting. (left to right), Mariah Clarke (North Middle School), Riley Middleman (North Middle School), Kylie Bilello (Menomonee Falls High School), Jack Anderson (Menomonee Falls High School) and Anna Miller (St. Mary’s Parish). ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Jan2022

    We recognized our December 2021 Students of the Month at our December 15th meeting. (left to right), Mr. Josh Mims (North Middle School), Taylor Lemminger (St. Mary’s), Seth Tremble (MFHS), Paige Schulz (MFHS), and Ryen Probasco (North Middle School) ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Dec2021

    November Students of the Month (left to right), Renée Mathaus, Menomonee Falls High School; Robert Kohlmetz, Saint Mary’s Parish; Joey Hill, Menomonee Falls High School; Trent Mason, North Middle School; and Mia Fields, North Middle School, were recognized at our November 17th meeting. ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Nov2021

    Students of the month, Gabe Xiong (MFHS), Noah Goss (NMS), Alec Johnson (NMS), Victoria Woelfel (St. Mary School), Katie Lockwood (MFHS), were recognized at our October 20th meeting. ~ photo by Jon Cline

  • Oct2021

    (left to right): Weston Kreuziger and EliseMeissner from North Middle School photo by Jon Cline

  • Jun2021

    (left to right): Simar Arora and Carter Husslein from North Middle School, Andrew Rice and Kady Stigler from Menomonee Falls High School photo by Jon Cline

  • May2021

    (left to right): Noelle Xiong and Chassidy Anderson – North Middle School, Cheyenne Lee and Julie Chu – Menomonee Falls High School photo by Jon Cline