Scholarship Golf Outing

Event details

  • July 21, 2021
  • 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Ironwood Golf Course W270 N6166 Moraine Dr. Sussex WI 53089
  • 262-502-1332

The 2021 Scholarship Golf outing is back to its normal 3rd Wednesday in may date this year.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 19th at Ironwood Golf Course in Sussex.  Stay tuned for more information.  Start gathering your foursomes!



2020 RECAP

When we started planning for the 2020 event back in early June, we had no idea what to expect.  We knew we had a date for the event and a course, which we fell into after originally cancelling our May event.  Mike Lehman and Ironwood reached out to me when an outing was cancelled for mid-July.  We immediately jumped on the date, hoping to hold our event.  How many golfers would we get?  How many holes sponsors would we get back?  Who would do our food for the event given that many places were closed down for months?  Well we now have answers and I am amazed by what transpired.  First, let’s start with golfers.  Last year we had 96 golfers.  This year we ended up with 94.  Not bad considering our current environment we are operating in.  We only lost 2 hole sponsors from the previous year, but replaced those and added more in a tough economic year.  The bars and restaurants we worried about came through for us again and supported our event.  The food for our event was again provided by Sal Zizzo and Trysting Place Pub.  When I reached out to Sal in the beginning, he was ecstatic that we would come back to him, given that many of his events had been cancelled.  For years Sal has donated lunch for our event.  With him being closed for a couple months, I did not know what he would do.  He did not hesitate to say he would again donate lunch to our event.  This donation equated to over $1000 if we would have had to pay for it.  We are grateful for this donation.

Our main goal when we started planning was to create a safe event for everyone involved.  We decided to cancel the voice auction as we did not want a crowd that people would have to hang around if there were things they were interested in.  Also, many of our auction items involve tickets for sporting events that had been cancelled.  We also had to take action to ensure lunch and the hors d’oeuvres, which were normally a buffet style, could be served safely.  Sal shifted lunch to a box lunch and had servers plate food for the hors d’oeuvres.  The course also took steps to ensure safety by having dividers in each cart for the golfers.  With that said, I think we accomplished this goal.

The final profit for the 2020 event was $14,762.17. This was about $2000 better than last year. Thank you to my committee for help making this event work, considering the times we were operating in. We were able to keep all guests safe, have a lot of fun, and raise money for our Seniors. Thank you to all those that donated items or approached businesses for donations to make this profitable. And finally, thank you to all the golfers and volunteers that showed up that day.

A golfer from previous years stepped up and issued a challenge to our event and our club.  For any donations made to the event, he would match the donation up to a maximum of $2000.00.  I do know we surpassed that amount, but do not have the exact figure.  Thank you to everyone that supported this challenge.  This helped offset the money lost from the voice auction.

Finally, many thanks are needed for this event.  First, a big thank you to all the golfers that came out that day.  Without you, this event does not happen.  Thank you to the volunteers that helped that day – Marcia Hebbring, Dawn Mariscal, Steve Fleming, Kathy Matthiesen, Joy Fricke, Stevie MistleWildt, Larry Podolske, and Carol Schulteis.  They helped register golfers, sell raffle tickets, feed and hydrate them, run the putting contest as well as driving infamous beverage cart around the course.  A special shout out and thanks to Jon Cline for walking the course and getting some great pictures to capture the day.  My last round of thanks goes out to our committee of Greg Mattson, Tom Ciskoski, Carol Schulteis, Joy Fricke, and John Yusko.  In previous years, we would just do the same thing we did the previous year.  That was not the case this year, and I appreciate everyone’s help in pulling this off.  If you ever want to join our fun, we are always looking for new faces and new ideas.  See you all in 2021 – May or July?  We don’t know yet.  Stay tuned.

Lastly, you are probably wondering who the winners are, besides the kids.  The winner of the women’s division was the team of Kelly Wendtland, Bella Dory, Shelly Hawkinson, & Cindy Smith with a score -11.  The men’s division was won by a team of Del Kreuser, Dave Schellinger, Matt Schellinger and Jeff Laitsch with a score of -17.  We did not have any entries in the senior division.


2019 photos by Don Gorzek and Jon Cline


Scholarship Golf Outing Chair: Todd Paulus

Scholarship Golf Outing Co-chair: Terry Frisk